Bleeding Ear Music

P.A. & Lighting

 P.A and Lighting quotations 

P.A System FULL SYSTEM (Band)

1 x Audio technician 

1 x Lighting technician 

$135 pr hr ( +GST ) min 5hrs ...... Total min $675(+GST)

P.A System SMALL (solo / Duo)

Single operator

$90 pr hr ( +GST) min 4 hrs ....... Total min $360 (+GST) 

 With an ever expanding list of equipment our P.A systems range from small buskers style P.A (available to dry hire) to full systems suitable for "mini festivals"  of around 2000ppl complete with fully automated lighting and moving head LED units etc.

From intimate gigs , Pop up concerts , to Festival settings we have you covered 

Email for more information.

No job too big or small

From small gatherings to main events ... We have a P.A fo every occasion